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Doxygen error parsing in Eclipse CDT

Eclipse (or is it the CDT?) has, by default, some Doxygen integration: if the preferences are set appropriately, Doxygen-style comments are highlighted differently, and Doxygen commands in those comments are further highlighted.

But that's about it. A particular missing feature is that errors in the comments are not highlighted in any way; and that's what made me look for a better alternative.


Tweaking Waf for integration with Eclipse CDT

First, the way not taken: there is an official Waf extra named "" which theoretically creates the files that Eclipse expects in a project. But that extra is from 2011; both Waf and Eclipse have evolved since then, and I didn't have the time nor inclination to dig into both Waf and Eclipse internals. Also, what would be the end result of that extra: only build support, or full indexing? No docs, no idea, forget it.

So let's make it easier. We already know that Eclipse's indexing system only needs to see the compiler command lines to get an idea of what files are related, where are the includes, what are the compiler flags, etc. So what about just making Waf spit out the command lines? And turns out, it's even easy: there is another extra called "print_commands" which does just that.


Eclipse CDT configuration for big, makefile-based projects

It's been kinda hard to get Eclipse to work well with big CDT projects (say, the Linux kernel, or even a BuildRoot project including the Linux kernel). The documentation for Eclipse is between non-existent and unhelpful, and I only could find a post that talked specifically about preparing an Eclipse project for the Linux kernel. But that post explains nothing, and does some arbitrary things. So this is the generalization of that.