Interesting how without trying too hard to be realistic (the argument is more of a little fairy tale without much pretenses) it gets realistic and interesting and funny enough to forget the most simplistic parts. And to pack some message, too. I loved the final credits. A beautiful and optimistic alternative to the new human society of Clarke's Songs of Distant Earth, or the one in Douglas Adams' Golganfrinchans-inhabited Earth. Lovely quick recount of human art history - with robots. To the sound of Peter Gabriel. The Filthy Critic nails it again. (Wall-E is a robot, yet he has way more personality than Hollywood's other robot, Tom Cruise. I love you, man.) Oh, and he seems to think that I shouldn't see Batman. Which is what I was suspecting after seeing the ads in the cinema, anyway. The short Presto was also nice; looks like more people are looking for its connection with Portal. The carrot should have been a cake... a delicious and moist carrot cake (and a lie!!1!).

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