Official driver for the G450?

The only problem is, it doesn't seem to work. It installs, but nothing else happens. And the Toshiba PC Tool app it installs always complains that the modem can't be found.

I'll take it as a warning that I'm letting too much time pass by without working on the subject... although I still think about it and read the needed docs whenever life's DDoS leaves me some room to breathe. (In the last 3 weeks I finished the polish course, passed the exam with good marks, started the new course, enjoyed the trip, finished my previous job – with still some rough edges to be taken care of, did the paperwork to end my previous self-employment in Spain and start the new job in Poland, did the paperwork relating to spanish telephony and bank accounts, and started the new job. Now I only have to finish the flat moving and basic set up...)

(Hm, surely I should write some short article about all that Polish red tape...)

But, back to the subject, the thing is I should start pushing the driver programming thing, because I guess at some moment Toshiba will publish a working driver... I could work on it anyway, of course, but it would just be an exercise, instead of having a real interest!
UPDATE, 12 nov 08: A comment by NexOSX on the spanish version of this post says that the OS X official driver does in fact work - if the modem is connected at boot time, and is not disconnected afterwards. WTF? I will have to check it, even though if it works like that, to me it's next to useless - and I guess for any (i|Mac)Book user on the go.