Steve Jobs and the Monomyth

Just realized that Steve Jobs' trajectory could be somewhat compared to the Monomyth: the fall from grace when fired from Apple, the struggles in NeXT and Pixar which ended nicely but were quite a bet, the coming back to the beleaguered Apple (look, that infamous sentence!) and the multiple concurrent struggles (Mac vs Windows, iPod vs constellation of MP3 players, iPhone vs telephone industry, iPad vs computer industry), and the final fight against cancer itself.

(What a crescendo!)

Maybe that's why even people who only passingly knew about the story were hit by the news of his death? Maybe just because he was that "Hero" fighting all those impossible fights - and winning!

Mhm, now I am worried about what kind of film are they wanting to make about him... I can't really imagine it being interesting nor good, but if they think about the Monomyth angle, I can imagine it getting crappy.

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