Selecting a mobile internet operator in Poland - 2014 edition

2 years ago I wrote about selecting a mobile internet operator in Poland, and the post seemed to be popular; so here's an update.

Once again I am looking for better / cheaper alternatives to T-Mobile's mobile internet, given that my usage is going down.

And I just tested Mobile Vikings in pingtest.net, and the results are quite terrible. Well, in fact, knowing that the underlying network is Play's, the results are no surprise, because they are exactly the same: up to 200 ms jitter and 250 ms ping roundtrip.

The interesting thing is that Mobile Vikings seem to use T-Mobile as a backup mobile network, and by forcing the phone to select that network, the pingtest results are much better, though not as good as the T-Mobile native ones: < 150 ms ping, < 100 ms jitter.

I tried for a while Nju, and it seemed OK in a quick test. But I didn't do the pingtests, and the underlying network is Orange, so I would need some serious testing to trust it at all.

Apart from the technical side, just by looking at the general organization, Mobile Vikings is refreshingly clear, instead of the oceans of packages and upgrades and offers and intersecting services and traps by all the other operators. So, looks like I am going to stay with Mobile Vikings - but set to T-Mobile's network ;P.

(anyway I have to say that even Play's network, when used purely in the phone, doesn't feel that bad; ot at least I still have not found any clear problem unequivocally related to Play in the week I have been using it...)


  1. Finally I have decided to switch. The usage in the phone sometimes finds hiccups, a couple of times already I had to re-re-retry until internet connectivity worked again. But it is useable and of course much cheaper than T-Mobile. We'll see how long until I am sorry for switching :P.

    Also, the idea of forcing the T-Mobile network does work, but interestingly the battery of the iPhone then goes down incredibly quickly: in the standard setting (using Play and eventually T-Mobile) it can last all day losing about 20% of its charge, but with the forced network selection it goes down muuuch quicker - about 70-80% after a workday! I would expect that to be related to the coverage in my workplace, but still when I used a normal T-Mobile SIM the battery again only lost about a 30% of its charge during the workday...

  2. Further testing with the idea of forcing the T-Mobile network selection showed the speed getting severely restricted. Maybe that's what caused the drop in battery power? Anyway, I don't do it anymore; I guess they knew what they were doing ;P.